How To Play The D Chord For Beginners


In this lesson we will learn how to play the D Chord

This chord doesn’t involve any hard stretches but does require you to position your fingers in a very close area together across 3 strings. Check out the fingering of the chord below.

d chord

please note that you don’t play the low 2 strings E and A. You can actually try rolling your thumb around the head stock so that it slightly touches the low E string. Try and adjust your down would strum so you don’t strum these strings causing the chord to sound out of tune. This is a very common mistake with beginners. Really work on curling your 2nd finger onto the fret board and using the very tip of your finger. Regarding the 3rd finger try and position your finger so that your nail is facing directly up, this will allow the narrowest part of your finger tip to be pressing down on the fret board. At first you will possibly find that your 3rd finger doesnt want to stretch out to the 3rd fret. With practice and time it will gradually move down to the correct fret position.

Check out the audio clip of the chord and compare the sound of your chord.

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