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It’s so simple to schedule your free trial guitar lesson. Contact me now to book yours!

I can normally arrange for a free trial guitar lesson within 2 days of you contacting me.

All you need is a webcam and a microphone, usually these items are already built into your PC/Laptop. A Skype account which is free to setup and only takes a few minutes. Last but not least a guitar. We will discuss how to setup your gear for a lessons when we talk online.

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Why Choose me?

– You will learn from experienced and dedicated Guitar Tutor from the UK
– 30 years experience playing and over 22 years experience in teaching around the world with my convenient, flexible and efficient program
– Proven method of teaching music theory
– Online lessons are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced students
– Learn to read music, understand and apply music theory
– Learn songwriting skills and advance your technique
– Genres taught: blues guitar, rock guitar, pop guitar, metal, jazz guitar, fusion, etc…
– Songs can be taught by request from a student
– Trinity Rock and Pop, Rockschool exam curriculum from Grade’s 1 – 8
– Reach your teacher online via Skype, Zoom, or TrueConf, or by WhatsApp
– Schedule lessons at your convenience, between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm GMT, 7 days a week.
– Enjoy a personalized course tailored to your needs

Take Skype Guitar Lessons from the comfort of your home!

Learn to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home. No more sitting in traffic trying to get from A to B. Now you can spend that wasted time playing and practicing. Flexible scheduling also means you won’t have to miss your weekly lesson due to unforeseen circumstances.

I’ve been teaching Skype guitar lessons for 5 years now. I have guitar students taking lessons in the USA, UK, UAE, Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, Bahrain, Panama, Australia, China, Canada and many other locations.

As well as teaching Skype Guitar Lessons, I also find time to post articles for and create online guitar courses for Udemy. I’m also an Educator for the running my own personal channel called the Rock and Blues Chronicles.

Schedule Your Free Trial Guitar Lesson Now

Skype Guitar Lessons Rates

Rates for Lessons are as follows

30 minute lesson $25

45 minute lessons $45

60 minute lesson $55

You can also take advantage of my pre paid offer: pre pay for a package of 10 lessons and pay for only 9 lessons. Lessons must be taken within a 3 month period.

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