How To Play Done For Me By Charlie Puth – Guitar Lesson


How To Play Done For Me By Charlie Puth – Guitar Lesson

How To Play Done For Me By Charlie Puth Guitar Lesson.

This lesson was inspired by a request from one of my Guitar Students who like Charlie Puth’s music and She asked me to teach her how to play this song. Having listened to the song a few times I thought it would be worth doing a full lesson on the song for all my students and subscribers so here it is.

The chord progression is very Jazzy in it feel and chord progression

Bm7 – Abm7b5 – Gmaj7 – Dbm7b5 – F#7

The chords played by themselves would make for a great backing track.

“Done for Me” is a pop and R&B song that features a “liquid”, “electronic” bass line, “a couple synth horns and some vaguely stoney reverb”, as well as a “dejected, inward-looking vibe” and “warm synthesizers reminiscent of classic ’80s pop”. According to Puth, there are “no pop chords in the song but it’s a pop song”.


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The artists first teased the duet a day before its release, with a black and white photo of the two, which was captioned with the release date. The song premiered on Beats 1, where Puth revealed to host Zane Lowe about collaborating with Kehlani: “You know when you meet somebody and you just know that you’re going to be friends with them for a really really long time?

That was her when I met her. She’s just such a warm and outgoing person and just such a good distinct voice.” He also added that they have been “looking forward to doing something together” ever since they covered “Hotline Bling” in 2015. “I made this record…I produced this after an unsuccessful party in L.A., which is what all these records are based off of on my album. But I just went home played these, I have my little Juno keyboard over there that I had. I had gotten it that night and I just hit one of these settings here and just played a B-minor cord and it just made me think of Wham!, it made me think of 1988, and I put that chord down and I immediately thought of Kehlani too,” he said of the recording process.