The Premium Guitar Channel


The Premium Guitar Channel was designed for a student looking for that little be extra. The lessons in this section are different from the standard videos here.

They are detailed note for note instructions, in a simple to follow formula that breaks down the material into smaller and easier to learn sections. They walk you through the subtleties and essentially address everything from a private lesson, but in video format.

Lessons will include tabs for each guitar part, backing track, and tips and discussion on gear and rigs used by the artists.

Featured artists will include:

Iron Maiden

infinate dreams solos

Judas Priest

Electric eye by Judas Priest

Def Leppard

woman guitar lesson


Entagled Guitar lesson


Premium Membership Costs

$ 6.99$ /mo
Monthly Subscription Plan that gives you full access to my lessons and extra material listed below. Minimum one lesson lesson per month.
  • Access To All Free Content
  • Acess All Areas
  • All Sections Of The Track
  • Guitar Solos
  • Tabs To Lesson PDF
  • Guitar Pro Files
  • Backing Tracks
  • Gear Settings
  • Monthly Newsletter

Payment is via PayPal

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