We Rock By Dio – Guitar Lesson


We Rock by Dio, full guitar lesson learn how to Play the anthem note by note.

I very powerful and well crafted song by Dio that featured Vivian Campbell on the guitar.

The track was featured on the 1984 album Last In Line. Though now it is staple song of the numerous “best of” compilation albums that have been released since the deaf of Ronnie James Dio in 2010.

The song is aimed at the Intermediate player, however a beginner/intermediate player could see this song and a great challenge. I have included the tab for Campbell’s guitar parts the link can be found at the bottom of the page. On the album track Vivian recorded 2 guitar parts combining the 2 when playing the song live.

The song features the movement of chords played over a pedal point on the A string. Due to the fast tempo of the track i would suggest learning the song in a much slower tempo then adjusting as your confidence grows.

The song is quite similar in the way you play the main main rhythm guitar parts to Bark At The Moon Jake E Lee, However please note that Vivian Campbell only plays 3 notes before each chord where Bark At The Moon is four.

I have seen different versions of how to play the chords in the intro and chorus section but from my research I believe the method i teach is correct.

Vivian Campbell

It is a shame that Vivian Campbell and Dio fell out forcing Campbell to quit the band. The 3 albums that featured Campbell are in my opinion some of the best rock albums recorded during the 80’s/90’s era. Vivian Campbell however went on to build a career for himself working with Whitesnake and now with Def Leppard. It will be interesting to see the response from fans to the Dio hologram tour that is soon to tour the USA.


Click on this link to download the tabsĀ  Dio – We Rock tabs