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How To Play Stranger In A Strange Land By Iron Maiden

Learn how to play Stranger in a Strange Land by Iron Maiden, released as the second single from their sixth studio album, Somewhere in...

How To Play Caught Somewhere In Time By Iron Maiden

Caught Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden is the opening track from Somewhere in Time, the sixth studio album by Iron Maiden, released on...

How To Play Wasted Years By Iron Maiden

How to play Wasted Years by Iron Maiden. Wasted Years is the band's fourteenth single release and the first from their sixth studio album, Somewhere...

How To Play Attack Of The Mad Axeman By MSG

Attack Of The Mad Axeman is a track from the album MSG. The second album by Michael Schenker Group. The band was formed in 1979...

How To Play Too Hot To Handle By UFO

Too Hot to Handle By UFO is the opening track from the 1977 Album Lights Out. Too Hot To Handle by UFO in a easy...

How To Play All Right Now By Free

"All Right Now" by the English rock band Free. The song was released in 1970. Learn how to play All Right Now recorded by Free.. The...

How To Play Rock Bottom By UFO

Rock Bottom from Phenomenon, the third studio album by UFO, released in May 1974. How to play Rock Bottom by UFO. This was their third studio...

How To Play Whiskey In The Jar By Thin Lizzy

Whiskey In The Jar by Thin Lizzy was released as a single in November 1972 and introduced the world to Phil Lynott & Gary...