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Premium Channel, In depth Guitar lessons

In this section i will explain in greater detail the Skype lessons that i offer for both Guitar and Bass.

When i first started offering Guitar lessons online, the main goal was to offer the same style of lesson that i offer in the classroom.

I have always brought a high level of technology into my classroom lessons so i didn’t want to lose any of that when teaching through Skype.

The first item i wanted to ensure was quality of picture. All my cameras are HD quality. Secondly, I didn’t want a student not being able to see what i was actually playing on the guitar. I have seen other lessons on Skype and i didn’t like the idea of me having to wave my guitar infront of the camera so a student can actually see where my fingers are on the fret board.

So i decided to operate with two cameras, one looks at me talking the second is focused in close up detail looking at the fret board. This now allows me to to talk and let the student see what i am doing on the guitar at the same time.

skype Camera guitar lesson imageNext was sound quality. I looked at various methods of delivering quality audio for my lessons. After much research and field testing i believe from the positive comments from students that i have a achieved this.

In my classroom lessons i like t be able to play backing tracks and also use information from youtube. So this was another essential element that i had to bring to the online sessions. I wanted t ensure the picture and audio quality was of a high standard. Through clever use of software and routing this is now a integral part of my lessons.

To help students learn songs i am a big fan of Guitar Pro 6, using the same methods i adopted for Youtube I can bring the user interface from Guitar Pro right to the students screen quickly and play the audio track directly to them. My system allows me to zoom in and out of a particular section and highlight and particular section that i want to cover. Something that i believe is unique to my Skype lessons.

Here is a screen shot showing the Guitar Pro display.

Booking a Free Trial lesson is very easy, just send me a email from the Contact Form

I am sure that you can already see the depth of student teacher interaction is highly elevated in my lessons, and the learning facilities are on par with a normal one on one classroom environment.

The lessons are tailored to your individual needs, if you want to learn how to play the Blues then that is what we will do. If Jazz is your thing then we will look at Jazz. For the beginner you will learn the basics to get you started playing then we will start to build up you skills and knowledge.

If you would like to follow a curriculum for a grade exam this is also available. I already have numerous student studying the Trinity Rock & Pop grades in preparation for their exams.

So why not contact me now and start to learn online today.

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