Friday, April 12, 2024
Premium Channel, In depth Guitar lessons

The Premium Channel

Welcome to the Premium Channel. New lessons are being added all the time. For only $6.99 a month you have full access to all content posted to this channel. If you wish to subscribe click on the button below and start to enjoy all these great lessons .

Wasting Love By Iron Maiden

Complete Lesson, including Video On Demand For all guitar parts. Full Tabalature, And Backing Tracks

Mastering The CAGED System

The CAGED guitar system can be very useful to help you find your way around the fretboard.

Introduction To Using Guitar Pro 7

A complete guide into the #1 music editing software. This lesson will get you familiar with the program by the end of it

Caught Somewhere In Time By Iron Maiden

Complete lesson, including Video On Demand for all guitar parts. Full Tablature, and B

Lesson Not Available ON YouTube

Here are some lesson that have been blocked or banned from appearing on my YouTube Channel

Some Of My Classic Riffs & Solos

Selection of some classic guitar Riffs and Solos that I believe you will enjoy and should learn.

Playing Techniques

Lessons focused on developing and improving your playing, Subjects covered are Alternating Picking, Sweeping, Legato, improvising, & riffing.

Music Theory

This sections contains lessons focusing on music theory. Subjects include, scales, Harmony, song structure, tips on readings and mastering the fret board.

Tailgunner By Iron Maiden

Lesson contains all guitar parts, backing tracks, tabs and play though.