How To Play Your Own Special Way By Genesis


How To Play Your Own Special Way By Genesis

I have seen a number of versions of this song covered on the internet but after researching the way Mike Rutherford played the song I realized that the vast majority where wrong when it came to playing the 3 main chords voicing. C – CMaj6 – CMaj7

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Recorded for Genesis’ eighth LP, Wind and Wuthering, “Your Own Special Way” was selected as the album’s single and released in February 1977 (two months after the LP’s release).

Backed with “In That Quiet Earth” in the U.S., it charted and became the band’s second minor hit after “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe).” Mike Rutherford’s first solo song, it wasn’t typical Genesis material at the time, although it pointed at the direction the band would take within three or four years. A ballad in 3/4, “Your Own Special Way” is a simple love song with country stylings and an instrumental bridge pasted in the middle, as if the composer felt the song wasn’t progressive enough (the single edit omitted the bridge to better results).

Coming on the record right behind the highly complex “One for the Vine,” it produced an anticlimax.

The song wasn’t very appreciated by the fans back in 1977 and it was performed live only a few times on the Wind and Wuthering tour. It was temporarily brought back to life for the We Can Dance tour in 1992. John Wetton (on the tribute album The Fox Lies Down) and Steve Hackett (on his Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited) recorded cover versions that added very little to the original.