How to play Phantom Of The Opera By Iron Maiden


How to play Phantom Of The Opera By Iron Maiden – Guitar Lesson

Still a very popular live track taken from the 1980 self titles album Iron Maiden.

The lesson takes you through all of the guitar sections.

Bass player Steve Harris, who wrote this song, explained: “This is a very long song that was done in sections. The middle part was totally separate but it fit in very well. It felt right to go from the slow part into the middle section. Phantom is one of the best pieces I’ve ever written, and certainly one of the most enjoyable to play. It’s got all these intricate guitar lines which keep it interesting. Then there’s the slow middle part which creates quite a good mood. It’s also got fast heavy parts which are really rockin’. And it’s also got areas for crowd participation. It pretty much covers all the bases for the band. It was also a good example of what I wanted to get across.”

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