How To Play Doctor Doctor By Iron Maiden And UFO


This lessons looks at the song Doctor Doctor originally written by UFO then covered by Iron Maiden and used as the song to introduce there live shows.

“Doctor Doctor” is a song by the British hard rock band UFO, written by the band’s guitarist Michael Schenker and original singer Phil Mogg. It was released as a single from the album Phenomenon in 1974, but it did not enter the UK Singles Chart.

However, a live recording from the 1979 album Strangers in the Night was released as a single and became the first hit for the band. In 2010, a live version with Vinnie Moore was released in the Best of a Decade album.

UFO and Schenker’s subsequent band, the Michael Schenker Group, continue to play “Doctor Doctor” live at almost all of their concerts. It has been covered by several heavy metal bands, most notably by Iron Maiden.Additionally, the song is played over the PA at Iron Maiden concerts before the band takes the stage.

Iron Maiden - Doctor Doctor- Dave Murray