How To Play Die With Your Boots On By Iron Maiden


How To Play Die With Your Boots On from Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind. It is the fourth studio album by Iron Maiden, originally released in 1983.

For Iron Maiden’s 1983 release Piece of Mind, the British metal group was in a very war-like mood, as three songs on the album dealt with this subject: “Where Eagles Dare,” “The Trooper” and “Die With Your Boots On.” It turns out that for the latter tune, Bruce Dickinson borrowed the title from an old book about a regiment of Scots Guards in World War II. Dickinson explained that the title had another meaning: “If you’re going to go for something, go for it,” he said. “That’s exactly the same attitude we have on stage and we have off stage — work hard and play hard.”

The lesson covers all the main guitar parts played by Adrian Smith and Dave Murray.

I have also included tablature and backing tracks.

Here is the Adrian Smith Tablature

Die With Your Boots On Adrian Smith Tablature

Here is the Dave Murray Tablature

Die With Your Boots On Dave Murray Tablature

Here are the backing tracks i created that i used in the lesson.


The first one has the parts played by Dave Murray included

This version only has bass and drums