How To Figure Out The Key To Any Song – Easy Method


How To Figure Out The Key To Any Song – Easy Method

This video will show you how to figure out the key to any song – easy method. This will help you when you have to soloing over a chord progression and you are unsure what scale you should use.

This is ideal for the Beginner/ Intermediate who is just starting to learn how to improvise on the guitar.

This subject will be covered in more detail in my Patreon Channel that is dedicated to the Art Of Improvising.

For details on the channel and how to become a Paton please click on the link below.

Each month I will post a backing track into my Private Facebook group. You are then invited to record yourself improvising over the track. This can be done using either audio or video. Then post the track into the group where I will review, feedback and advise on possible ways to develop your ideas. Other members of the group will also be invited to pass comments and suggestions. With this being a totally private group which I will be 100% moderating there will be no room for nonconstructive criticism and trolling that at times discourages us from posting on platforms like YouTube.

I am not expecting full 4K video quality with hundreds of edits, just a true representation of your playing that can be recorded using something as simple as you Iphone.

My end goal is to create a Virtual Band Camp focused on the Art of Improvisation. I want to develop a community feel where individuals are encouraged to communicate with other Patreons in the group.

This will be beneficial to players from beginner to intermediate level. I really think it will be fun for all parties and a simple way to learn new ideas on the Art of Improvisation.

Here is the link to my Patreon Channel

The chart featured in this lesson can be downloaded by clicking on this link Chord Harmony Chart