Learn How To Play Eraser By Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson


2017 was certainly the year for Ed Sheeran, with the release of “Divide” he dominated the UK top 40 charts.

In this lesson we look at the song Eraser which reached number 14 in the UK charts even though it was not officially released as a single.


The song uses simple easy to play beginner chords, however the challenge is the melody lick you must play between the chord changes.

Here is what Ed Sheeran himself says about the song and its creation:

The song was written by Sheeran with Johnny McDaid in the treehouse he built in his garden. They first recorded a riff on his guitar on the McDaid’s iPhone before he went to bed, while McDaid stayed up all night to produce the beat for the riff.

Speaking about the song to Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show, Sheeran said: “The original first line of it was what is now the bridge [‘Welcome to the new show’] and I was just sitting there and I was like this doesn’t hit anywhere here … And then so I just said: ‘Johnny can you bugger off for a bit and let me just see what I can do’ and just write loads of bars, and that came like within five seconds, and ‘Oh wow! something is happening.’ Johnny came back half an hour later and we recorded the song.