How To Play Tyrant By Judas Priest

Learn to play note by note


Tyrant from the Sad Wings of Destiny studio album by Judas Priest, released on 23 March 1976.

How to play Tyrant by Judas Priest.

This video covers all the guitar parts played by KK Downing and Glen Tipton.

Tyrant is a short, dense, high-powered rockers with many parts and changes.

Sad Wings of Destiny was released 23 March 1976, and the same month “The Ripper” appeared as a single backed with “Island of Domination”. The album was initially published and distributed by Janus Records in the United States. The album had the A-side and B-side reversed, so that “Prelude” opens the second side and “Victim of Changes” the first, while the sleeve has “Prelude” opening the first side.

The album had little commercial success at first and had difficulty getting noticed due to critical competition from the rise of punk rock. The band supported the album with a headlining tour of the UK from 6 April to 20 June 1976. The album peaked at No. 48 in the UK, and was awarded a gold record in 1989. Sad Wings of Destiny arrived at the same time as other influential metal albums from the late 70’s – the same year saw the release of Rising from Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and Virgin Killer from Scorpions.

“Victim of Changes”, “The Ripper”, “Tyrant”, and “Genocide”—with an extended introduction—appear on the band’s first live album, Unleashed in the East (1979). The first three of those songs have survived until 2019 in the band’s setlists, with “Victim of Changes” being one of the band’s most played songs ever, while “Genocide” got retired in the early 1980s. With “Dreamer Deceiver”, “Deceiver” and “Island of Domination” present on 1975-76 set lists, 7 of the album’s 9 songs have been performed in concert.

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KK Downing tab:Judas Priest - Tyrant - KK Downing

Glen Tipton tab:Judas Priest - Tyrant - Glen Tipton

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