How To Play Too Hot To Handle By UFO

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Too Hot to Handle By UFO is the opening track from the 1977 Album Lights Out.

Too Hot To Handle by UFO in a easy to follow guitar lesson.

Written by Pete Way & Phil Moog.

Lights Out is the sixth studio album by the British rock band UFO, released in May 1977. All songs are band originals except for “Alone Again Or” which is a cover of a song by the band Love. Reaching #23 on the Billboard Hot 100, it remains the band’s highest charting album in the United States.

The album was UFO’s first to feature lush string arrangements alongside more complex song structures than their previous albums. Producer Ron Nevison brought in Alan McMillan to handle the string and horn arrangements. The most notable song to feature the orchestral coloring was “Love to Love”. It is also the first UFO album to feature Paul Raymond on keyboards and guitar.

In 1994, a CD comprising this album and No Heavy Petting was released by BGO Records. 2008 EMI’s remastered edition includes 4 live bonus tracks, recorded at The Roundhouse, London. The album cover erroneously states that these tracks were recorded in 1976, but the correct year is 1977. EMI did correct the writing credits, with Paul Raymond finally being credited for his contributions.

According to Pete Way in his autobiography A Fast Ride Out Of Here…, this song started as a coded reference to his sex life.

Too Hot To Handle is also the name of a biography The Story Of UFO. released in 2014.

The lessons covers all the guitar parts apart from the guitar solo.

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Here are the tabs

Michael Schenker Guitar:

UFO - Too Hot To Handle - Michael Schenker

Paul Raymond Guitar Parts:

UFO - Too Hot To Handle - Paul Raymond