How To Play The Prisoner By Iron Maiden


The Prisoner appears on the opening side of The Number of the Beast album which is the third studio album by Iron Maiden, released in March 1982.

It was their first release to feature vocalist Bruce Dickinson and their last with drummer Clive Burr.

The Number of the Beast met with considerable critical and commercial success and was a landmark release for the band, becoming their first album to reach No. 1 in the UK Albums Chart, and to reach the Top 40 of the Billboard 200 in the US. The album also produced the singles “Run to the Hills” and “The Number of the Beast”, the former of which was the band’s first top-ten UK single. The album was also controversial, particularly in the United States, due to the religious references in its artwork and the title track’s lyrics.

“The Prisoner” was inspired by the British TV show of the same name, and features dialogue from its title sequence. The band’s manager, Rod Smallwood, had to telephone Patrick McGoohan to ask permission to use the audio clips for the song and was extremely hesitant during his conversation with whom Smallwood himself describes as “a real bona fide superstar actor”. McGoohan was reported to have said “What did you say the name was? A rock band, you say? Do it.” Iron Maiden later made another song based on the series, “Back in the Village” from 1984’s Powerslave.

The Prisoner was written by Steve Harris and Adrian Smith


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Here are the tablatue for The Prisoner

First up Dave Murray

Iron Maiden - The Prisoner - Dave Murray

Now its the turn of Adrian Smith

Iron Maiden - The Prisoner - Adrian Smith

Now you can have some fun playing along with the backing track i created for The Prisoner