How To Play The F Chord For Beginners


In this lesson we will learn how to play the F Chord

As a beginner you will probably find this the most challenging chord to play so far. This chord combines two elements to your finger positions that don’t feel natural at first. Check out the fingering chart below.

F Chord

As you can see your 1st finger is having to hold down two strings at the same time, practice doing this first to ensure your getting a clean sound. Then introduce the second finger then finally the 3rd finger. The hard part is to keep the 1st finger flat and the 2 other fingers must be bridged so the don’t mute the strings beneath them. Be patient and take your time with chord. Also note that you don’t play the low E and the A string. You can also experiment with various grips either holding the fret board like you would hold a bar with the fret board in the palm, or use your thumb positioned to the center rear of the fret board. See which method works best for you.

I would strongly advise that you take the time to watch the video as i cover many tips on how to play this chord.

Check out the sound bite to compare your chord

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