How To Play The E Chord For Beginners


In this lesson we will learn how to play the E Chord

This is the first chord that I always teach my new students, This chord always seems to be the easiest for beginners to play and is a very common chord used in many easy to play songs for beginners.

Always try to use the figuring that is shown in the diagram, you might feel that there are alternative ways to play this chord but this format will serve you well as you progress as a player.

Focus on getting a clean sound across all strings by picking down from the thickest E string downward playing each string at a time so you can hear each string ringing out. Try to ensure that you a using the tips of your fingers and that your thumb is behind the fret board point upwards and not towards the head stock. You will find that if you have the fret board seated into the palm of your hand as though you was holding a bar in your hand then your fingers will feel more comfortable.

Listen to this audio clip to check if your chord is sound correct.

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