How To Play The Dm Chord For Beginners


In this lesson we will learn how to play the Dm Chord

If you have been working through this beginners chord guide and am sure that you will find this chord not to much of a challenge. Here are the fingerings for this chord.

Dm Chord

The main item to note with this chord is you don’t play the low E and A string, you play down from the D string only. try to use your thumb over the top of the fret board to lightly mute the low E string. Position your strumming hand so that the downward strum starts from the D string.

Check out the sound clip so you can compare the sound of your chord.

The Dm chord has a extremely sad sound, many hard rock bands would intentionally write songs using the Dm chord as they wanted to get a dark sound to there music. Many classical pieces of music where written in this key for the same reason.

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