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How to play Sign Of The Cross released on the 2nd of October 1995 on the X Factor album.

Realeased on the The X Factor which is the tenth studio album Iron Maiden, released on 2 October 1995. It is the first of two albums by the band to include Blaze Bayley, formerly of Wolfsbane, as vocalist, replacing Bruce Dickinson who left the band following their previous tour to pursue a solo career.

The album takes a darker tone than the band’s first nine releases, due to the lyrics being based on personal issues surrounding Steve Harris at the time, who was in the midst of a divorce. This is reflected in the cover artwork, which graphically depicts the band’s mascot, Eddie, being vivisected by machine.

The X Factor was met with lukewarm responses from critics. AllMusic rated the album two stars out of five, stating that “suffering from a lack of powerful riffs and tightly written songs, The X Factor is a lackluster latter-day album from Iron Maiden. Although the band doesn’t sound particularly bad on the record, they don’t sound inspired and there’s a noticeable lack of energy to the performances which makes the lack of imagination all the more apparent.”

Sputnikmusic were somewhat more positive about the release, deeming the album “a change for Iron Maiden, and a very important one at that” as it “paved the way for future albums of similar length”. They also praised the “often criticized” Blaze Bayley, whose voice they claimed “was perfect for the new release.”

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Dave Murray: Iron Maiden - Sign Of The Cross - Dave Murray

Adrian Smith: Iron Maiden - Sign Of The Cross - Adrian Smith

Janick Gers:Iron Maiden - Sign Of The Cross - Janick Gers

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