How To Play Sea Of Madness By Iron Maiden

Learn to play note by note


Sea Of Madness is the 3rd track from the highly acclaimed album Somewhere In Time released on 29 September 1986.

Sea Of Madness was written by Adrian Smith, the record is also notable for the number of “fully formed” songs written by guitarist Adrian Smith, who wrote both of the album’s singles: “Wasted Years” and “Stranger in a Strange Land“, the former of which is the only song on the record not to feature synthesisers. Since the album release, it has been certified platinum by the RIAA, having sold over one million copies in the US.

The song remains a popular track with many Maiden fans but doesn’t feature very often in there live shows.

This is a very challenging song to play especially the introduction section. What I have done is to included a backing track played at a slightly slower tempo of 130 BPM which still is very fast but probably a little more achievable.

I am actually playing a number of the riffs at a slightly slower tempo so you can actually hear what is being played.

Hope you enjoy the lesson.

Here are the tabs and backing track

Dave Murray tabs:

Iron Maiden - Sea Of Madness - Dave Murray

Adrian Smith Tabs:

Iron Maiden - Sea Of Madness - Adrian Smith


Backing track Drums & Bass Guitar: