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Sanctuary” is the second single released by Iron Maiden. The single was released on 23 May 1980.

Learn to play Sanctuary, Although originally issued as a non-album single, the song was added to the later US release of their debut studio record, Iron Maiden (1980). When the album was re-released in 1998, the song was added in all territories. In 1990, it was reissued on CD and 12″ vinyl in The First Ten Years box set, in which it was combined with their first single, “Running Free”.

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The original mix of the song was recorded in November 1979 and originally appeared on the 1980 Metal for Muthas compilation, featuring several other artists associated with the new wave of British heavy metal, which the band recorded as a four-piece with Doug Sampson on drums. Although the compilation was panned in Sounds, Iron Maiden’s songs were praised, with their contributions being described as “raucous heavy metal/punk crossovers and tantalising tasters for their own forthcoming album.”

Already a regular in the band’s live set, the “Sanctuary” single was released on 7″ vinyl on 16 May during the UK leg of the Iron Maiden Tour. This version of the song was recorded during the Iron Maiden album sessions, and, according to guitarist Dave Murray, “was ten times better than the original Metal for Muthas version.” The b-side includes two live songs recorded at the Marquee Club in London on 3 April 1980 – “Drifter” (which would feature on the band’s next album, Killers) and a cover of Montrose’s “I’ve Got the Fire”. The live version of “Drifter” includes a crowd interaction part where the audience is invited to follow the lead singer as he chants “Yo Yo Yo”, which parodies The Police’s “Walking on the Moon”. The single performed even better than their debut, “Running Free”, entering the UK Singles Chart at No. 33 before peaking at No. 29 a week later.

Although the song is credited to Iron Maiden, according to Metal Hammer contributor Dave Ling, the song was originally written by guitarist Rob Angelo, a member of the band in 1977 who was paid £300 for the song’s rights. From 1998 onwards, the song was credited to Murray, bassist Steve Harris and singer Paul Di’Anno.

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Dave Murray’s guitar tabs:Iron Maiden - Sanctuary - Dave Murray

Dennis Stratton Guitar tabs:Iron Maiden - Sanctuary - Dennis Stratton


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