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No More Lies by Iron Maiden was released on 29 March 2004 as part of the Dance of Death album which was the thirteenth studio album by Iron Maiden.

No More Lies is the 3rd track from the Dance Of Death album and was written by Steve Harris.

Dance of Death is the only Iron Maiden album to date in which drummer Nicko McBrain has a songwriting credit, having co-written “New Frontier”. As a born-again Christian, the track expresses his concerns with human cloning, stating, “I personally believe that God created man and it’s only God’s right to create a human being because only He can give you a soul. When man attempts to make man then it’s a monster in a test tube.” This also makes it the only Iron Maiden album to date in which every member of the band receives a songwriting credit.

Reviews for the album were generally positive with Kerrang! describing it as “stupendous stuff and concrete proof that Maiden are as electrifying and important as they have been in a long time”. Sputnikmusic were also positive about the album, giving special mention to “Paschendale”, described as “quite easily the ultimate Maiden masterpiece”. Although deeming the first three songs “refreshing yet unremarkable”, AllMusic describes Dance of Death as “a triumphant return to form for these heavy metal legends.”

Although criticising the album for its length and for not “matching the quality” of its predecessor, Brave New World, PopMatters praised the band for being able to “still easily outclass most of the younger nu-metal bands today”

Here are the tabs for Dave Murray:

Iron Maiden - No More Lies - Dave Murray

Here are the tabs for Adrian Smith:

Iron Maiden - No More Lies - Adrian Smith
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how-to-play-no-more-lies-by-iron-maidenAnother great lesson, looking at how to play No More Lies by Iron Maiden. This lessons covers all the main guitar parts played by Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers.