How To Play Kayleigh By Marillion Intro, Verses, & Chorus


This video lesson show you how to play the song Kayleigh by Marillion.

This video lesson looks at the Intro, Verses and Chorus. The solo has been covered in a previous lesson.

It was released as the first single from the concept album Misplaced Childhood. It became the band’s most successful single worldwide. It peaked at number-two in the UK and stayed on the chart for a total of 14 weeks. It also reached the top 10 in the Republic of Ireland, Norway and France, and became the band’s sole appearance on the United States Billboard Hot 100, hitting number 74 in October 1985

he guitar hook line through the verse came about, according to Steve Rothery, from him demonstrating to his then-girlfriend what effects a chorus and a delay pedal could add to a guitar’s sound. Rothery recorded the song on a chorused Stratocaster guitar, using the pick and his second and third fingers to play it. The album version contained an extended guitar solo by Rothery, 27 seconds of which is edited for the single version.