How To Play Infinite Dreams By Iron Maiden – Guitar Solos


How to play Infinite Dreams By Iron Maiden Guitar Solo’s by Adrian Smith & Dave Murray

This is part 2 of my lesson on how to play Infinite dreams for part 1 click on this link.

This lesson covers both solos by Adrian Smith and Dave Murray.

Each section is broken down and explained in a easy to follow method.

Another lesson from the Iron Maiden series I am recording. Being the 30th anniversary of the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Song album release I am slowing working through the entire album.

Released in 1989 by Iron Maiden. It is the only single to be released in sync with a home video; 1989’s Maiden England. The performance was recorded in Birmingham, England in 1988 towards the end of the massive world tour to support the album where the song originally appeared, being Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. It is the final single to feature Adrian Smith for an entire decade.

The song is about how the character of the song sees disturbing visions about afterlife and other mystic things in his dreams, but is scared about if he will ever be able to wake up again. It starts with a soft guitar solo, which is then joined by Bruce Dickinson’s singing as well as the rest of the band. The song starts out quite peaceful, but gets progressively heavier towards the song’s climax and the following final verse.

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