How To Play I Know What I Like By Genesis


Learn how to play I Know What I Like By Genesis Guitar Lesson Tutorial

“I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” was the first charting single by Genesis. It was drawn from the 1973 album Selling England by the Pound. The single was released in the UK in February 1974, and became a minor hit in April 1974, when it reached number 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

Released by Charisma in the UK in February 1974, “I Know What I Like” was the band’s only pop hit of their early years, at a time when progressive rock bands largely avoided the singles market.

The song was played on Top of the Pops. Its success would not be topped until And Then There Were Three album’s “Follow You Follow Me”, some four years later in 1978.

The song’s lyrics concern a young man who is employed as a groundsman and who says that he does not want to grow up and do great things, being perfectly happy where he is, pushing a lawn mower. Betty Swanwick’s painting The Dream, which was used for the Selling England album cover, alludes to the song; Swanwick added the mower to the original painting at the band’s request.

The song, inspired by the Beatles, has a psychedelic rock sound, using hand percussion rhythms and a riff from Steve Hackett that originated from a jam between Hackett and Phil Collins.

Keyboardist Tony Banks used a note played on the low end of the Mellotron during the intro and ending to imitate the sound of a lawn mower.

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