How To Play From Here To Eternity By Iron Maiden


From Here to Eternity by Iron Maiden, released as the second single from their album Fear of the Dark, released in 1992.

From Here to Eternity is the fourth and most recent song in the ongoing saga of “Charlotte the Harlot” (other songs include “Charlotte the Harlot,” “22 Acacia Avenue,” and “Hooks in You”, although the status of the latter song is a point of debate among fans since it does not actually mention Charlotte, just “the keys to a view at number 22”). The song tells the tale of Charlotte going on a fateful motorcycle ride with the Devil.

From Here to Eternity is the first studio single to not feature Eddie in the artwork – second overall, after the live version of “Running Free” – using a picture of the song’s music video instead. The cover of the 7″ Etched Disc is the cover most people associate with the single, though the 12″ was a very different picture from the clip. The CD Maxi used the 7″ etched cover, but a different shot again from the clip is on the Netherlands release of the CD.

“Roll Over Vic Vella” is a cover of Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven” featuring spoken intro and outro pieces by longtime Iron Maiden roadie and friend Vic Vella talking with Steve Harris. The song appeared on all formats except the 7″ shaped picture disc which featured “I Can’t See My Feelings”, a cover of the Welsh band Budgie from their 1975 album Bandolier. The song didn’t appear on any digital format until 1995 when Fear of the Dark was reissued with a bonus CD containing b-sides from the album’s singles. The live versions of “Public Enema No One” and “No Prayer for the Dying” on these singles are the only time either has appeared live on any Iron Maiden release.

From Here to Eternity charted and peaked at #21 on the UK Singles Chart.

Here are the tablature for the song:

Here are the parts played by Dave Murray

Iron Maiden - From Here To Eternity - Dave Murray

Here are the parts played by Janick Gers

Iron Maiden - From Here To Eternity - Janick Gers

Here are the Backing Tracks for Here To Eternity, In the first one you can play as Janick Gers.

This time you play as Dave Murray

The final backing track is just Drums and Bass Guitar


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