How To Play Deja Vu By Iron Maiden

learn to play note by note


Deja Vu is a track from the Album Somewhere in Time. It was released on 29 September 1986. It was the band’s first album to feature guitar synthesizers.

Deja Vu was written by Dave Murray.

7th and second-last song of the album, Deja-Vu is the only song on the album penned by guitarist Dave Murray, and the first on the record not be written solely by Steve Harris or Adrian Smith, main composers of the whole Somewhere in Time album. Somewhere in Time is the sixth studio album by  Iron Maiden. It was released on 29 September 1986 in the United Kingdom by EMI Records and in the United States by Capitol Records. It was the band’s first album to feature guitar synthesizers.

Although “space and time” are common themes throughout the release, with songs such as “Wasted Years“, “Caught Somewhere in Time“, “Stranger in a Strange Land” and “Deja-Vu”, the band never intended for it to be a concept album, with Harris stating, “We certainly never went in there and said, ‘Right let’s write a load of songs on the subject of time.” While the majority of the release’s songs have disappeared from the band’s live shows shortly after its supporting tour, “Wasted Years” and “Heaven Can Wait” have appeared on several subsequent tours.

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