How To Play Dallas 1pm By Saxon

Learn how to play the song note by note.

Dallas 1pm Guitar Lesson

Dallas 1pm a track from Strong Arm of The Law, the third studio album by  Saxon. It was released in 1980, four months after Wheels of Steel, and debuted on the UK chart at No. 11.

Learn how to play Dallas 1pm by Saxon. This lessons covers all the main guitar parts played by Graham Oliver and Paul Quinn.

“Dallas 1 PM” concerns the assassination of John F. Kennedy. “We thought, ‘Should we put one shot in there or should we put three?'”

All tracks are written by Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson and Pete Gill

This lesson looks at the main parts played on guitar for the song. I have broken down each section in a easy to follow format.
I have also posted a more in depth lesson on the Premium Channel.

This course covers all the guitar parts played by Graham Oliver and Paul Quinn on Dallas 1pm. The source for the main guitar solo is taken from the album track, which is slightly different than the live album tracks. I couldn’t find any tabs so I decided to write them myself. I have tried to make the tab and solo as easy as possible to follow. As you get more comfortable with the solo then you can start to add some of your own style and personality into the playing.

This lesson covers the main guitar parts, a more in depth lesson is available through my Premium Channel.

The full lesson includes:
Step by step guide on how to play both guitar solo’s
Tablature for all guitar parts
Professional Backing tracks to play along with.
An insight into my rig setting to create my sound for the lesson.
Solo Playthrough.

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