How To Play The Clairvoyant By Iron Maiden


How to play The Clairvoyant By Iron Maiden – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Another lesson from the Iron Maiden series I am recording. Being the 30th anniversary of the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Song album release I am slowing working through the entire album.

This lessons shows you how to play all the rhythm guitar parts for the song recorded by Dave Murray and Adrian Smith.

Part 2 the solo will follow shortly.

It is the band’s nineteenth single and the third from their seventh studio album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988). The single, which was also released as a clear vinyl, debuted at number six in the British charts. It contains three live performances from Maiden’s 1988 headlining performance at the Monsters of Rock festival in Donington Park.

The song starts in the first person, from the main character’s point of view. Later, when he is dead it is in the third person. According to Steve Harris, the song was inspired by the death of psychic Doris Stokes, and his wondering that if she were truly able to see the future, would not she had foreseen her own death?

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