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Learn how to play Brave New World by Iron Maiden released on 29 May 2000.

Brave New World was their first studio release since the return of longtime lead singer Bruce Dickinson (who left in 1993) and guitarist Adrian Smith (who left in 1990) in 1999, as well as the band’s first studio recording as a six-piece, as Janick Gers, who replaced Smith in 1990, remained with the band.

The album artwork and title song are references to the novel of the same name, written by Aldous Huxley. The upper half of the artwork was created by Derek Riggs, with the bottom half by digital artist Steve Stone.

The songs “The Wicker Man” and “Out of the Silent Planet” were both released as singles. “The Wicker Man”‘s promotional radio release featured extra vocals in the chorus, not present in any other versions of the song.

The Brave New World Tour was the tour in support of the album, during which the show at Rock in Rio was recorded and later released as a live album and video.

Brave New World peaked at No. 7 in the UK Albums Chart, and has since been certified Gold. In the United States, it debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard 200.

Most of the songs were written before The Ed Hunter Tour and were later recorded at Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris. It was the first album the band would record with producer Kevin Shirley, and the first that they would record live in the studio.

According to an interview with Adrian Smith, “The Nomad”, “Dream of Mirrors”, and “The Mercenary” were originally written for 1998’s Virtual XI, and former vocalist Blaze Bayley claimed to have provided some lyrics for “Dream of Mirrors”, but was not credited. According to Steve Harris, work had also begun on “Blood Brothers” during that period, but it was not completed at the time.

“Brave New World” was the release’s only song to reappear on the Dance of Death World Tour, the next tour in support of a studio release. None of the tracks from the album were played during the A Matter of Life and Death Tour, although many returned throughout The Final Frontier World Tour, with “The Wicker Man”, “Ghost of the Navigator”, the title track, and “Blood Brothers” being played during the 2010 leg. “Blood Brothers” returned for The Book of Souls World Tour and “The Wicker Man” also returned for the Legacy of the Beast World Tour.


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