Gretta Van Fleet – Are They Worth The Hype?


Gretta Van Fleet Was Recently Accused On An Aussie Chat Show Of Borrowing Someones Voice!

If you pine for the days when giants scarred the earth with odes to their arena-sized wangs, then Michigan’s Greta Van Fleet are your new jam. Not only do they look like they’ve stumbled out of the pages of 70s Vogue, they also have a preternatural knack for brow-raising classic rock anthems. Guitarist Jake Kiszka is highly capable, combining Page-like pentatonic ping-pong with a bag of lead licks that channel everyone from Jefferson Airplane to Mike Campbell.

Robert Plant—he of Led Zeppelin, Honeydrippers and Band of Joy fame—recently commented on the somewhat familiar sound of up-and-coming rockers Greta Van Fleet—especially the impressive pipes of their lead singer, Josh Kiszka.

“There’s a band in Detroit called Greta Van Fleet. They are Led Zeppelin I,” Plant told Loudwire. “Beautiful little singer, I hate him! He borrowed [his voice] from somebody I know very well, but what are you going to do? At least he’s got a bit of style, because he’s said he based his whole style on Aerosmith [eye roll].”

Considering their big, riff-heavy sound, the Frankenmuth, Michigan-based foursome have been compared to mighty Led Zep several thousand times over the past few years—not that they mind.

The singer, who was starring in high school plays not long ago, is sipping tea on an early-December afternoon in the band’s dressing room at New York’s Bowery Ballroom, sporting the same college-production-of-Hair look he’ll wear onstage tonight for a sold-out show: blouse-y kurta, ankle-high jeans, moccasins, a tribal necklace he believes to be African in origin. (“He’s always worn weird shit,” says Jake Kiszka, the band’s longhaired, justifiably self-assured guitarist, who’s more of a T-shirt-and-skinny-jeans guy.)

There was (probably) no laboratory involved, but three of the members are family: Josh and Jake are 21-year-old twins, while bassist-keyboardist Sam Kiszka is their 18-year-old brother – in their cover-band days, they had him playing biker bars at age 12. As it turns out, their dad is a chemist with a serious record collection and a harmonica-playing habit, and their mom is a former science teacher (their grandpa, meanwhile, is in the Polka Hall of Fame). The fourth member is strong-footed drummer Danny Wagner, 18, one of the few other kids in their tiny town of Frankenmuth who shared his friends’ prodigious musical gifts and time-warped sensibilities – their classmates didn’t even know what to call the odd music they liked, except “old.”

I have to say that I like them, Yes it does sound like Led Zeppelin. But considering we are never going to hear another new song from Zeppelin and time soon. The lets have the next best thing. Listening to the current song in the UK & US music charts, as a guitarist I wish they every success and want to hear much more.