Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Premium Channel, In depth Guitar lessons

Learn how to play the song Wall Of Glass by Liam Gallagher. This lessons shows you all the rhythm & lead guitar parts played in the song.

This is the first single from the new solo album by Liam Gallagher called “As You Where”

I have listed this song as intermediate guitar level, because the song uses bar chords, however the chords are mainly played as 5 chords so anyone that can play simple 5 chords will be able to learn how to play this song.

I have included the tabs and a short guitar pro 6 file to help you learn the song. these can be downloaded by clicking on this link to my website. Please note that the guitar pro file is not a complete version. What i have tabbed is just the main guitar parts.

As of this date i haven\’t seen any guitar pro files just chord and tab files on website.

For details on taking lessons with me please click on the link below:

Intermediate Lessons