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How To Play Rock And A Hard Place By The Rolling Stones – Guitar Lesson Tutorial.

Guitar is played in Standard tuning.

Credited to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, “Rock and a Hard Place” was recorded at Montserrat’s AIR Studios and London’s Olympic Studios in the spring months of 1989.

On the song, Richards said in the liner notes to the 1993 compilation album Jump Back (on which it was included), “This was like going back to the way we worked in the early days, before Exile, when we were living round the corner from each other in London. Mick and I hadn’t got together in four years since Dirty Work, but as soon as we met up in Barbados for a fortnight, with a couple guitars and pianos, everything was fine.” At the time of release, Jagger said, “This is one of those songs like “Start Me Up”, where the minute you hear the opening notes, you head for the dance floor. It’s real ’70s, in the best possible way.”

With Jagger on lead vocals, Richards, Ron Wood and Jagger perform guitars for the recording. Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts perform bass and drums, respectively.

Keyboards are played by Matt Clifford and Chuck Leavell. The Kick Horns provided brass for the recording. Lisa Fischer, Sarah Dash and Bernard Fowler all perform backing vocals.

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