Sunday, July 14, 2024
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In this article we look at Brian May’s guitar and rig setup.


Brian Mays Vox AC 50’s

Brian May Vox AC50's

Instead of hitting a dirt box for distorted tones, May simply uses the volume control on his guitar to wrangle all he needs out of his trio of Vox AC30s. The amps are set up in a wet-dry-wet configuration with the center amp receiving a totally dry signal and both of the outside amps getting a different delayed signal. The ping-pong effect is mirrored in the onstage monitors as well. Each amp has been heavily modded to remove all the unnecessary (at least to May) reverb and tremolo circuits.

The only real effects May uses is his Fryer Treble Booster mounted on his guitar strap, a Dunlop rackmounted wah, and a pair of TC Electronic G-Major 2 delay units (one set to 800 ms and the other 1600 ms).

Brian May Stage Rig and Pedal setup

Though this might be of interest, this is the Starlicks video lesson from Brian May, these where all on VHS at the time. Starlicks was probably the orginal guitar leson format. The forerunner for Lick Library. Hope you enjoy hearing and seeing Brian from around 30 years ago.

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