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Skype Guitar Lesson

How To Figure Out The Key To Any Song – Easy Method

This lesson will show you how to figure of the key to a song for any instrument. This will help you when you have to...
repair guitar string

How To Replace Strings On A Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to change the strings on your acoustic guitar in this easy to follow guide. I show you the tools required and how simple...
pink A Million Dreams Guitar Lesson

How To Play A Million Dreams By Pink

Learn how to play A Millions Dreams by Pink in this easy to play guitar lesson. This song is fun to play and has some...

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doctor doctor guitar lesson

How To Play Doctor Doctor By Iron Maiden And UFO

This lessons looks at the song Doc to Doctor originally written by UFO then covered by Iron Maiden and used as the song to...
guitar pro 7

Guitar Pro 7

Guitar Pro 7 is probably the most popular music editing software used by both amateur and professional guitar players around the world. Here why. Guitar...
Judas Priest You've got another thing comin guitar lesson

How To Play You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ By Judas Priest

You've Got Another Thing Comin by Judas Priest. It was originally released on their 1982 album Screaming for Vengeance and released as a single...

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